Monday, June 13, 2011

Dallas Mavericks!

Dallas win the 2011 NBA finals! shocking isn't it. I am a big Mavs fan, big JKIDD fan! I really want him to win this championship, I feel happy for him now. All credits to Dallas! Kidd! Dirk! Terry! Tyson! Marion! Barea! Stevenson! Peja! Caron! Roddy! Haywood! Mahimi! Cardinal! Brewer! Jones! and specially to Carlisle and Cuban, they put time and effort to put this team together. You gotta give the bench credits too, they come off the bench and hit some big shots, they sacrificed and supported all their teammates. Peja, Caron, Roddy and others they mean so much to the team, this is their championship too, they all wanted it, they helped it to be NOW! I'm happy for Dirk and Holger Geshwinder, this is their dream, and they lived up to their dream!

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